Meet people.
Shoot them your info.

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Shoot allows you to quickly create a card with your photo, contact info, social network links, and any information that you might want to share with people you meet.


Your info, to their inbox.

All you need is a person's email address to send them a rich-text message containing your information with an attached vCard (.vcf) file so they can quickly add you to their address book. Create multiple unique cards for business, personal, and any other way that you want to represent yourself. Share more information with some people, less with others.

  • Easily create custom cards tailored to your specific needs

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  • Quickly email your information with the press of a button.

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  • You've Got Mail!

    The recipient will receive a beautiful, HTML formatted email with your profile card, picture, a map of the location where you met, and optionally a note to remind them who you are.

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Have Questions? Shoot.

Do recipients need to have Shoot to receive cards from me?
Nope! All that your friends need is an email address. If they have that, you can shoot them your info using Shoot.
Can I include different information in different cards?
Yep! Want to go by an alias, make ‘Danger’ your middle name, or simply not include your phone number or primary email address to some people? Easy peasy. Just create a card and put whatever info you want on it. You control what contact info and imagery goes into each card in Shoot.
Does Shoot store my card data on the web?
Nope! Shoot uses in-app data storage, so your info is yours and completely secure. The photos used in your cards are stored anonymously on our sever so that we can deliver the formatted emails, but none of your personal contact data is. All of that goes directly to your recipient through email.
What is Shoot?
Shoot is your business card for the 21st century. As you go out into the world and meet people, you can Shoot them your contact information. They'll get a beautiful formatted message with a picture of you and all of the contact information that you'd like to share. They'll also receive a vCard .vcf contact file which they can click to immediately add you to their address book. Read more in the Shoot announcement post on
What devices will run Shoot?
Shoot is an iOS 7 app, so it can run on any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 7 or higher. It will also run on iPad, albeit shrunk down. We're working on support for other devices.
How do I get started?
Start by setting up a card. The app will walk you through the process the first time you run it. Then send yourself a test message. Shoot uses iOS' built-in mailer, so any messages you send will get added to the "Sent" mailbox in your Mail app.
I sent myself a test message and I didn't receive it. What gives?
First, make sure that you're online with a 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wifi connection displayed at the top of your iOS device. Shoot uses iOS' built-in mailing system. If you are using Gmail or another app for your email, you may not have iOS set up to send mail properly. Visit Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and make sure that you have an account set up with a valid Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server.
Can I use Shoot with any mail service?
Yes! We've tested with Gmail, Yahoo, FastMail, Apple, and others. They should all work great. If you're sending and receiving email with the Mail app, everything should "just work." But if you have any problems, please contact us and let us know.
Will the recipient be able to add me to their address book?
Yes! The email sent by Shoot includes a vCard (.vcf) file attachment. This can be imported into their address book or contacts app, on just about every email client. The recipient just needs to open this file to add you to their address book.
How do I design my card?
Right now, we provide the design for the card email, but future versions may include the option to customize it.
Is my personal information stored on the Shoot server?
No. None of your contact information is ever shared with us. The only information that will be uploaded are the photos you choose for your cards; these need to be on a Shoot server so that we can include them in the email.
I've got ideas to make Shoot better! Where can I send them?
We’d love to hear your ideas! You can always contact us at with ideas, questions, suggestions or complaints.
Who made this awesome app?
Shoot is made with love by Lullabot. We're an interactive strategy, design, and development company. We've worked on a lot of big-deal web and mobile projects and you should totally hire us for your next big-deal project.